Fantasy FUT Upgrades

  POSTED March 22, 2023

Check out Fantasy FUT Players and Heroes upgrades. Only two of them got a Double Upgrade. Also, find out which players are not more eligible for certain upgrades.

 Fantasy FUT Upcoming Upgrades

16 Fantasy FUT players received the "Win 1 Match" Upgrade. Isak and Alexis Sánchez got a Double Upgrade since they scored twice.

You can track these players' performances at Fantasy FUT Tracker
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 Avoid Defeat in 6 Matches Upgrade Missed

These players' teams lost their matches and they won´t be eligible for the "Avoid Defeat in 6 Matches" Upgrade.

 Dele Alli Situation

According to his manager, he won´t be playing for the remainder of the season due to disciplinary reasons. So he won´t be able to complete upgrades A and C.

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Complete this SBC to earn the FUT Birthday Icon of Gattuso. The price is around 400 K
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