Save League Upgrades for Future Stars Promo?

  POSTED February 02, 2023

Planning to load up on upgrade packs for the Future Stars promo?

Future Stars Promo is coming this Friday. If you decide to save League Upgrade packs here is what you can pack from all of the information leaked so far to help you decide.

 Premier League League Upgrades

 Ligue 1 League Upgrades

 Bundesliga League Upgrades

+75x 4
+75x 75
+86x 8

 Serie A League Upgrades

+75x 5
+75x 86
+86x 10

 LaLiga League Upgrades


Complete this Objective to earn players, rewards, and a FUT Birthday Swaps Token.
Complete this SBC to earn the FUT Birthday Icon of Gattuso. The price is around 400 K
Celebrate FUT Birthday and build a squad around a timeless player from FUT 20. Earn a bonus FUT Birthday Token.