3 New Future Stars Tokens Released

  POSTED February 01, 2023

3 New Future Swaps Tokens have been released

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  • TOTY Challenge 2

 TOTY Challenge 2

  •  Same League Count: Max 4
  •  Same Nation Count: Min 3
  •  Same Club Count: Max 3
  •  Rare: Min 5
  •  Squad Rating: Min 65
  •  Squad Chemistry Points: Min 25
  • players in the Squad: 11
    • Rewards: Prime Electrum Players Pack

  • First Owner Fiesta | Objective
  •  Win 1 Match

  • Group Reward
    •  Win 7 Matches out of 12

Complete this Objective to earn players, rewards, and a FUT Birthday Swaps Token.
Complete this SBC to earn the FUT Birthday Icon of Gattuso. The price is around 400 K
Celebrate FUT Birthday and build a squad around a timeless player from FUT 20. Earn a bonus FUT Birthday Token.