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shadow_boy32 | February 02 2024 | 1441 hits

I am happy to present BIG CLASSIC PATCH FOR EAFC 24.



  • 2069 players created – List on the link:


  • 1156 Real Classic Faces – List on the next link:


  • 71 Real Managers (24 Real Classic Managers in Career Edition + 47 in FIFA 2004 MOD) – List on the next link:


* NOTE: You can play with all these managers as real manager in Career Mode

  • 178 Classic Teams (57 Classic Team with full features in Career Edition + 121 in FIFA 2004 MOD- List of created teams with full classic features) – List of the next link:



    *NOTE: This are the teams with full classic features but there are a lot of other classic features for other teams that are not mentioned here



  • 121 teams as 2004-2005 season – List on the following link:


  • More than 4500 added/edited players as 2004/2005 season.
  • All the 121 added teams has classic features of 2004/2005 seasons – Logos, kits, squads, banners, etc.
  • 47 Managers of the most important teams – I can always add more in v2, as your suggestions.
  • The English Premier League is according 2004-2005 season with FULL CLASSIC FEATURES of that season – kits, squads, etc.
  • Menu music has been changed – I had inserted the songs from all old FIFA Games. Also the menu has classic elements, the main menu players has been changed to classic players of that time. The music and the menu elements brings you the classic nostalgia of the 2004-2005 seasons
  • Classic balls – Euro 2008 Ball, Champions League 2004-2005 Ball, WC 1998, WC 2002, WC 2006, WC 2010 and WC 2014 – I can add more in the future, based on your suggestions and feedback.
  • New National teams added are: Japan, Colombia, Brazil, Urugay, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Switzerland and Serbia. All the new added national teams have full classic features according 2004-2005 season.
  • You can play with Brazil in any tournament, even kick-off!
  • All the rest national teams are done as 2004-2005 season with full classic features (players, kits, logos, etc.) so basically, when you will be playing in Manager Mode and you will be National Team Manager, you will be able to get the full experience of the international tournaments as 2004-2005 season.
  • You will start the career on 2004, having next World Cup Tournament in 2006 and next EURO Tournament in 2008, exactly as in real life was.
  • Introduced UEFA Cup and UEFA Intertoto Cup.
  • World Cup Tournament Licensed.
  • Real OVR and potential of players according to 2004-2005 season and real-life evolution – for example Messi was 17 years old with 76 OVR and 94 potential – you will be able to transfer and grow him to the maximum potential.
  • All players have their real age as 2004-2005 season so they will retire regarding their age.
  • Real budget of transfers according to 2004-2005 season for all the teams.
  • You have the option to play with the value of the players as the season 2004-2005 (Choose Dollars or Euros Currency for that) OR as “crazy” values that are today – please choose Pounds Currency for that – the budgets are set regarding the currency you are setting.
  • Transfers values are about the value the players had on transfermarket.co.uk as 2004-2005 season.
  • You can play Manager Mode regarding 2004-2005 season with all the features which were mentioned in this document. You will start the career in 2004 and you will finish in 15 years after.
  • Faces customized as season 2004-2005.
  • Even if not all the teams are as 2004-2005, overall, it has been included all the best players of that season and following seasons, no matter what team they were playing at that time.
  • Real Flags and Banners for around 500 teams.
  • Looking forward for your feedback. I can add in v2 the teams that you consider that I am missing, the goal being to finish at least the main important leagues with full classic features!
  • Unlocked hidden clothes and boots (you can use them in mod manager).
  • Real classic references as Pierluigi Collina
  • The patch is compatible with all the existing languages.




  • Added 7 new national teams – Turkey, Uruguay, Brazil, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Japan – With ALL CLASSIC FEATURES. You can play with all of them, even with Brazil in Manager Mode, Kick Off or any Tournaments!!!

Other National Teams with FULL classic features are Argentina, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Portugal, United States.

  • Full classic features for the club teams like: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Mancheter United, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, vfb Stuttgart, Werder Bremen, Inter, Juventus, Milan, Olympique Lyonnais, AS Monaco, PSG, Celtic, Rangers, OM, Anderlecht, Standard Liege, Atletico de Madrid, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, Rapid Bucuresti, Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Besiktas, Valencia, Sevilla, River Plate, Boca Juniors, Steaua Bucuresti, Roma, Lazio, Napoli and Dinamo Bucuresti.
  • Classic Kits for all the club and national teams that are mentioned,
  • Real Logos, names, banners, flags for the fake teams: Atalanta, Lazio, Napoli and Rome
  • Mini-faces for all the created players and for the ones with no mini-face
  • All players are 20 years old so you can play with them all 15 years of career mode
  • Real Flags and Banners for about 100 teams
  • Classic Tifos for more than 40 teams
  • The patch is compatible with all languages.

•    Real classic referees: Pierluigi Collina, Howard Webb and Michel Vautrot.


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Download BIG CLASIC PATCH - FI XX04 MOD - EAFC 24. This is a mod for EA Sports FC 24 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.